What is the MIP System?

The MIP System is more than just a doorbell; with the ability to purchase and link up additional MIP System products you can mix and match to create the perfect wireless alert system for your home or business.

How is the MIP System different to a traditional doorbell?

The MIP System can expand well beyond a basic doorbell with the ability to wirelessly link up to 16 different products together at one time. For example:

  • Add an additional Bell Push Transmitter to the back door.
  • Add a portable Chime Receiver to carry with you in the garden where it can be difficult to hear the doorbell.
  • Add a Magnetic Sensor to the front door to alert you when the door has been opened and enhance security.
  • Add a PIR Motion Sensor to the shed, garage or outbuilding to alert you, inside the home, when movement has been detected for added security.
  • Add a Hearing Impaired Chime Receiver with a flashing strobe light to visually alert you when someone is at the door.

With the ability to link up to 16 additional Transmitter, Receiver and Sensor accessories, in a variety of plug-in and battery operated designs, you can create the perfect alert system for your home or business. 

The majority of Chime Receivers have a fantastic 32 UK developed true sound melodies to choose from and the latest MIP System 3 models allow you to select a different melody to play for different transmitters.

What's the difference between MIP System generations?

Firstly, it’s good to know that all MIP System products are compatible and will link up. So, if you have started off with an MIP System 1 product, you can still purchase newer models and they will link with your existing system. However, please note that features are specific to each generation, as below:

MIP System 3

MIP System 3, the newest and third generation, allows you to connect up to 16 devices, with a huge unobstructed range of 175-200m and introduces the ability to choose different sounds for different transmitters. Choose from any 4 consecutive sounds on the Chime Receiver so you can identify which transmitter has been triggered.

MIP System 2

MIP System 2; launched in 2017, the second generation with improved true sounds melodies specially designed for the UK market. MIP System 2 connects up to 12 additional devices, that’s 4 more than MIP System 1.

MIP System 1

MIP System 1 is the original and first generation of the MIP System Door Chimes launched in 2013. MIP System 1 products have standard quality sounds, link up to 8 devices and have a typical unobstructed range of between 100-150m.