MIP3™ Accessory - Wired to Wireless Module Transmitter - White

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A 3rd generation wired to wireless transmitter module. 

Use to expand an old wired bell system into a fully integrated wireless MIP™ system, so extra chime units and modules can be added. 

Also use for old ornate metal bell pushes, where the old system has been removed but you would like to use the fancy metal bell push. 

The 3rd generation in MIP™ System technology allows you to choose different sounds for different bell pushes and other transmitters with the flick of a switch, so you can identify which door or room has been activated.  View the manual here 


MIP3™ Accessory - Wired to Wireless Module Transmitter - White
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Wireless Operation
Wireless Operation
Bell push and door chime communicate wirelessly.
Battery Operated
Battery Operated
Some product or accessories may require batteries, see product pages for specific requirements.
200m Range
200m Range
A huge 200m wireless unobstructed range.
Link to MIP
Link to MIP
Link this transmitter to any MIP products.


Set Includes:

  • MIP3™ Accessory - Wired to Wireless Module Transmitter
  • 300mm of twin wire
  • Self-Adhesive pad
  • 1x A23 12v battery


  • Compatible with previous MIP™ System generations, including 1st generation.
  • Mini switches allow different sounds to be activated with 2nd and 3rd generation chime units.
  • Simple DIY installation knowledge required.
  • Compact design for easy installation onto existing wired bell system or for use with ornate metal bell pushes.
  • Includes self-adhesive pads, and 300mm length dual core wire
  • Requires 1x A23 battery (included)
  • Colour: white
  • Packaging: Giftbox

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