How To Use The MIP System

Wirelessly link MIP System devices around your home or business to create a tailor made alert solution that works for you.

It’s simple to get started, just purchase at least one Transmitter and one Receiver, link up and you’ve started your MIP System. (This could be a Bell Push and Chime Receiver for a wireless home doorbell).

The MIP System gives you the opportunity to expand well beyond a simple doorbell by adding multiple accessories to boost awareness and enhance security at your property.

Transmitters: Bell Push, Magnetic Door Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Wired To Wireless Module and Signal Booster

Receivers: Battery operated and plugin Chime Receivers

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The latest MIP System 3 gives you the ability to link 16 different accessories at one time and allows you to choose different melodies to play for up to 4 different Transmitters with the flick of a switch, so you can easily identify which has been activated by the melody playing.

Don’t forget, all MIP System products link wirelessly, so there are no unattractive wires and no damage to walls to install; simply link up and go.

Home Solutions For The MIP System Accessories

There are endless scenarios where the MIP System is the answer, from missing a visitor at the front door when you’re out in the garden, to enhancing shed and garage security. More examples include:

  • Add an additional Bell Push Transmitter to the back and side doors.
  • Add a portable Chime Receiver to carry with you in the garden where you might not normally be able to hear the doorbell.
  • Add a Magnetic Sensor to the front or back door to alert you when the door has been opened and enhance security. Also ideal for use on windows.
  • Add a PIR Motion Sensor or Magnetic Sensor to the shed, garage or outbuilding to alert you, inside the home, when movement has been detected for added security.
  • Add a Hearing Impaired Chime Receiver with a flashing strobe light to visually alert you when someone is at the door. Also great for when the baby is sleeping and you want the chime volume down low.
  • Add an additional plugin Chime Receiver to different floors or rooms of your home, ideal for three story homes to ensure you can always hear the doorbell.
  • Add a PIR motion sensor to the driveway to be alerted that someone is approaching, allowing more time to get the door. Ideal for the elderly or infirm.
  • Add a wired to wireless module to convert your existing wired doorbell system or bell push alone to the MIP System with simple DIY installation. Ideal for those who wish to keep their ornate or metal bell push.

Business Solutions For The MIP System Accessories

The MIP System can solve a number of issues in the business, from the reception, office and warehouse we’ve complied a few examples below:

  • Add a Magnetic Door Sensor to the shop door to alert the attendant when a customer has entered/exited the store. Clip a portable Chime Receiver to the attendant’s waist band so they will hear the sound chime wherever they go.
  • Add a Bell Push Transmitter to the warehouse door to be alerted of deliveries arriving. Add a signal booster to boost the wireless range for larger warehouses.
  • Add a Bell Push Transmitter to the reception desk to alert the receptionist when a customer requires attention. Clip a portable Chime Receiver to the receptionist’s waist band so they will hear the chime sound wherever they go.
  • Add a bell push in the kitchen to notify the waiter in the restaurant when a meal is ready to be served.
  • Add a PIR Motion Sensor to the car park to be alerted when there is movement and likely a customer is arriving.

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